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Our Platform Takes Care of Marketing, Sales, Recurring Billing, Taxes, Regulations and Compliance

Stay Lean and Rapidly grow your SaaS, software, and digital products business. Let us unshackle your business from the complexities of marketing, sales, recurring billing, taxes, regulations, and compliance with our robust, secure, and transparent platform.

We buy and re-sell licenses of high-quality SaaS and digital products. With our help, you can stay on the mission of growing your business by focusing on your product, customer acquisition strategy, and increasing customer satisfaction.

We Share the Passion of Growing Your Business

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Marketing and Sales

Our comprehensive platform and sales strategy reach an extensive customer base. Our reputation of impeccable service, responsive customer service, secure and high-quality products, provides customers a high level of satisfaction and unmatched customer experience.

Global Online Payments

Subscription Management & Recurring Billing

Our flexible subscription management system manages buyer's entire life cycle, all the way from activation, to upgrades, renewals, dunning, or refunds. Our dunning management system reduces churn and disruptions by automating retries for payments and sends reminders to subscribers so that they can update their payment information. Our system is flexible and efficient so that you can easily monetize your products and quickly grow your recurring business.

Subscription Management & Recurring Billing

Automatic Collection and Remittance of Sales Tax

Our transparent tax collection system automatically calculates, applies, and collects appropriate sales tax, GST, or VAT based on the buyer's location. The collected taxes are automatically remitted to appropriate government agencies and records are maintained for future reference as required by the law.

Automatically Collect and Remit Global Sales Tax

Corporate Income Tax Compliance

Since we are your authorized reseller, we take responsibility to pay any corporate income taxes that may inadvertently result from the transactions in any regions. This saves you from the hassle of staying updated with changing laws, filing and submitting corporate income taxes in various regions.

Global Tax Payment

Regulation Compliance

Transaction Cloud is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Our platform also complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework to respect the privacy and personal information of your buyers.

Regulation Compliance

Fraud Prevention and Security

We use advanced fraud monitoring, detection, and management system to block fraudulent transactions without interfering with the customer experience. We ensure compliance with PCI-DSS and other payment industry laws and regulations while dealing with sensitive information from buyers.

Fraud Prevention and Security

Payment Methods

We provide your buyers the convenience of a variety of secure payment methods in order to expedite their purchase. Popular payment methods as below are available:

Variety of secure payment methods
Payment Methods

Super Fast and Simple Integration

Transaction Cloud™ uses its innovative Singularity-Integration™ architecture which combines One-Directional-API™, and One-Data-Cloud™. Vendors can quickly and easily integrate Transaction Cloud’s platform with plug-in codes, ready to embed management tools and API calls. There are no webhooks to configure, test, monitor & maintain. This saves valuable development and testing time. Moreover, there is no chance of missed or duplicate webhook calls, there is no synchronization issue due to conflicting data stored on vendors and Transaction Cloud’s servers. Additionally, the points of failure and maintenance cost over the long run are significantly reduced resulting in a reliable, resilient, and efficient system.

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