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We simplify the complicated!

We take care of the complicated topics such as marketing, sales, recurring billing, standards, sales tax, VAT, GST, fraud detection, regulations, consequential corporate income tax requirements, payment methods, and currencies. Selling SaaS sounds simple but it is actually quite complex. Some of the complexities are localizing the checkout, currency & payment methods, complying with payment industry standards & security requirements, fraud detection, collecting and filing Sales/VAT/GST taxes, complying with privacy laws, complying with business license requirements, paying income taxes in multiple regions, staying up to date with changing laws and updating your business processes. Failure to comply means great risk for a business and its directors, for example, failure to pay sales tax or GST means tax evasion.

We are your All-in-one SaaS platform

We aim to be your trusted partner in growing your business by taking care of all of these complexities so that you can focus on important things such as developing your product, acquiring customers and increasing customer satisfaction. In summary, we buy licenses of your software and re-sell them to customers.

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Our Values

Our company culture promotes


We listen and assume positive intent.


We deliver outstanding products and services to our customers.


We pursue new ideas and fresh perspectives.


We operate with honesty, transparency and respect.


We work together shoulder to shoulder to meet the needs of our customers, company, and peers.

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