Get Started


Transaction Cloud offers an all-in-one solution for global payments, affiliate marketing, sales tax compliance, subscription management with one quick and robust integration. This page is dedicated for developers and will help you integrate with our platform.


Wa have two separate environments: sandbox and production. Each of them are independent systems, so you have to create separate accounts.


Testing environment for developers. You can make free test payments without real cards.



Live environment for real transactions.


How to start

  1. Create a production account Create Account - Production
  2. To initiate the account verification process and begin accepting payments, provide the required information and documents within the TransactionCloud platform. Submit for the Verification
  3. You cannot receive payments or perform any live transactions before your account is verified! While you wait for the verification, set up the sandbox account to test all TransactionCloud features in the safe testing environment.

  4. Set up a sandbox account for testing needs. Create Account - Sandbox
  5. Get your authentication details from the API Set up page: API login and API password. Please note, credentials are different for sandbox and production environments. API Set up
  6. Set up a product in your Vendor Panel according to your use case:
    • One-time Product - If you’re selling digital products that customers pay once.
    • Subscription Product - If you're selling SaaS software for a recurring fee.
    • Vaulted Product - If you want to manually control recurring charges.
    Vendor Panel
  7. Use the Embed Product tool to generate code to add the product to the website. Embed Product tool
  8. Receive event notifications in a suitable form for your use case:
    • Set up Webhooks to receive instant events and save the date on your server.
    • Use the API endpoint to check the status of given transaction on demand using cutomer's email address.
    • Enable Email notifications and deliver product manually.
  9. Once your account is verified, perform steps 4-7 on the production account and start selling!