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robust and efficient

Simple, robust, and efficient

  • Our innovative Singularity-Integration™ architecture combines our One-Directional-API™ and One-Data-Cloud™.
  • There are no cumbersome webhooks to integrate.
  • It avoids inadvertent mismatch of data due to missed or duplicate webhooks.
  • Moreover, all data is stored on the One-Data-Cloud™ which eliminates the need of storing redundant data on the vendor's database.
  • Vendor still has the ability and flexibility to store data on its database.
  • One-Directional-API™ creates ready-to-embed management tools that allow secure access to features such as refunds, cancellations & data such as purchases, invoices, credit notes etc. through the vendor's access-controlled interface.
  • Less points of maintenance and failure to consider during platform upgrades.
  • Low cost in the beginning and also in long run.

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