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Boost Sales Revenue with Affiliate Program: Automated Payouts, Zero Code, No Fees!

Explore Transaction Cloud's Built-in Affiliate Management Platform: automate payouts, zero coding. Streamline your business, track performance, and boost sales in one place with no additional costs!

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A complete solution for managing, monitoring and automatically paying out affiliates

1 Zero code set-up plus sign
Zero code set-up 1

With Transaction Cloud you can set up your affiliate program, and promotional pages within minutes. Zero coding or configuration is required on your website, it means no additional costs for hiring specialized developers. Also, Transaction Cloud provides custom branding for affiliates’ Sign-up page.

zero code set up zero code set up
2 Affiliate Management plus sign
Affiliate Management 2

Set up promotional pages for your future marketing campaigns and start to grow your affiliate base. You can invite affiliates manually with custom commission percentages or create a link where your affiliates can register and begin to promote your products. Track affiliates’ earnings and manage commissions in the Vendor panel.

affiliate management affiliate management
3 Fraud Protection plus sign
Fraud Protection 3

You have full control over who you want to accept as an affiliate for your business. Track the affiliate's performance, receive actionable insights and protect your business from fraud. We automatically deduct affiliates commissions due to refunds and chargebacks.

fraud protection fraud protection
4 Affiliates Platform plus sign
Affiliates Platform 4

Your affiliates will have access to a modern, functional and insightful panel where they can manage their marketing campaigns. Transaction Cloud's Affiliates platform ensures that your promoters will have all the required information to stay motivated and lead a successful marketing campaign.

affiliate platform affiliate platform
5 Marketing campaigns plus sign
Marketing campaigns 5

Affiliates can create multiple marketing campaigns connected to the same promotional link from the Vendor. Each marketing campaign has its unique affiliate link. Transaction Cloud provides all necessary metrics for your affiliates to track their performance.

marketing campaigns marketing campaigns
6 Automatic Payouts plus sign
Automatic Payouts 6

There is no need to worry about payouts to 100s of affiliates across the globe! Transaction Cloud automatically sends scheduled payouts to your affiliates in accordance with laws, regulations and tax withholding. Your affiliates are allowed to choose their preferred payout methods.

automatic payouts automatic payouts
7 Performance Satistics plus sign
Performance Satistics 7

Transaction Cloud's vendors can easily access insightful information about their affiliate's performance. Additionally, affiliates can track metrics such as number of clicks, purchases, conversion rate and commission generated by each marketing campaign.

performance statistics performance statistics
Lines of code Required to start Affiliate
Days Scheduled automatic payouts
USD Minimal Payout amount

Why we are better?

Our pricing is transparent

4.9% + 0.49¢

per transaction

Transaction Cloud includes everything you need for headache-free SaaS business:

  • Localized checkout with your branding
  • Seamless cross-border payment experience
  • Subscription management
  • Global sales & income tax compliance
  • Fraud & Risk management
  • GDPR & EU-US Privacy Shield compliance
  • Affiliate Marketing: automatic tracking, management & payouts.
  • Key marketing data for the business growth
  • No monthly fee, pay only for transactions

Custom package

Contact us to create a custom package to suit your business needs.

  • All benefits of TransactionCloud services
  • Fee based on your sales & business age
  • Custom code solutions and special features for your unique use case
  • Assistance in onboarding and integration

Start-Up package

For high potential start-ups we offer a discounted Start-up package. Discounted fees from Start-up package never expire, giving you plenty of time to develop, market your product, and scale your business.
0 %
For sales up to $10k
3 %
For sales between $10k - $20k
affiliate marketing feature work

Step-by-Step instruction

How does Affiliate Marketing Feature work?

  1. Create the Affiliate Program in your Vendor Panel and generate the link to Sign-Up page.
  2. Place a link to the Sign-up page on your website or invite affiliates manually by email.
  3. Your Affiliates sign-up and set up the marketing campaigns with promotional links.
  4. Affiliates use their unique referral links on their websites/blogs/socials/ads.
  5. Potential customers follow affiliate's links and land on your website or promo page.
  6. Customers make purchases, while conversion, and referrals are tracked automatically.
  7. You get a sale, and your Affiliate receives a fixed percentage from the deal as a commission.
  8. If there is a refund or chargeback, the commission will be automatically deducted from Affiliate’s balance.
  9. Affiliates are automatically paid by our system after the end of the calendar month. The minimal payout amount is 20 USD.
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