You have a good SaaS product. What's next? How to find those who would willingly exchange their money for it? How to make demand for your SaaS product grow over time? There are 7 tips that can help you deal with this

1. Determine your target audience

If you do not understand for whom your product is created, what needs it satisfies, you will never be able to sell it successfully.

Therefore, to attract users, you need to start by researching your target audience. But it is not enough to define its main demographic indicators, it is necessary to take into account their motivation, interests and needs. This will not only help you determine who to sell your product to, but also how and where.

2. Analyze your competitors

A peculiarity of SaaS products that is often forgotten for some reason is that they compete not only in the market for similar products, but also with all other applications available on the Internet. Especially if the niche is new and you are the first player in it - you need to fight for the attention of users who are flooded with various offers.

Analysis of your competitors will help you identify your company's strengths and weaknesses compared to them, and most importantly, take the lessons from this benchmarking to your advantage. If you don't have direct competitors, look at what others in similar industries are doing. Analyze their blogs, social networks, websites. Look at their messages and offer your audience the benefits of your product that they don't.

And always stay up to date with the industry – not just the one in which your product exists, but the SaaS industry in general. If you do not meet the current trends, be sure - your competitors will gladly fill this gap themselves.

3. Personalize messages you send to customers

Determining your target audience and competitors is important for a reason. Because when you clearly understand who is who, it will allow you to choose the most relevant messages and make sure that your users fully understand your product, prefer it over a competitor's product, and make it a part of their life.

By creating branded content and marketing campaigns, you can drive traffic to your site and build and enhance brand awareness.

Don't you know where to start? Experiment with different communication channels like social media and paid search to drive traffic to your site. And also experiment with different messages targeted at different segments of your audience. This will allow you to test different ads and determine which ones work best for your business.

4. Use word of mouth

Of all the communication channels at our disposal, few can match word of mouth and the impact thought leaders have on their communities. This is the nature of people - to trust the personal experience of real individuals more than the promises of companies that are clearly interested in selling.

This knowledge in the modern world has resulted in a whole direction of promotion - affiliate marketing. In the SaaS field, it is extremely active and promising. The essence of it is to get thought leaders who have an audience that trusts them to promote your product for a fee. You only need to select information partners, discuss the commission rate and they will do the rest - sell your product to your customers. Because they have access to those you need and know how to communicate properly with them.

5. Make the best first impression

When users, attracted by the right messages through the right communication channels, have chosen you over all the competitors - don't make them disappointed.

Your users will be most motivated during the onboarding process. Therefore, make their journey to purchase as pleasant as possible and remember that even small things can be decisive for their first impression of you.

For example, make it possible to pay for your product in a way that is convenient for the customer - if you do not offer an accessible payment method, it is unlikely that someone will look for a way to send you their money. Also, look at the design of your website: for example, when the payment window has an antediluvian look, in the 21st century it is somehow very frivolous.

6. Manage subscriptions

Segment customers based on the stages of their interaction with your product. Because there should be a different approach to warm contacts and regular customers.

To attract newcomers, offer them a free trial. Let them try the product before deciding to subscribe or buy paid features. Or offer a discount with promo codes from your affiliates. Make it easy to switch from a free trial to a paid subscription, so that all you have to do is enter your payment information and click a button. All this will create trust in the brand and pleasant associations with it.

For those who have not been active for a long time and can unsubscribe at any time, you can also offer a discount for continuing the service. In the long run, you will make much more than you lose by offering.

7. Simplify all customer interactions

Always think about how you can provide better service by removing information or actions that come between your customer and the product. Customers want a solution to a specific problem. Therefore, move away from their needs, remove excess "water" from messages in your communication. Customers usually don't care about the smallest details of how it works, they care more about the result.

Remove unnecessary buttons on the path to purchase - no one is interested in wasting extra time, especially newcomers for whom you have not created much value yet.

Eliminate processes that can be automated. It's inconvenient for customers to reset subscription fees every month, look for invoices that the accountant forgot to send, correspond with support to clarify how to make a payment.

So, attracting more users to increase the performance of your SaaS business is quite a daunting task, especially when you know what to stick to and what influences what. And also when you do it with the support of like-minded partners who are interested in the best result for you. Such as the Transaction Cloud payment platform.

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We hope that our tips were valuable to you and that you already want to try them in practice and increase your profitability. Follow them, enlist the help of Transaction Cloud and develop your business without unnecessary steps and unnecessary efforts!