Why SaaS companies are switching from FastSpring to Transaction Cloud?

In our interviews with SaaS companies who have switched from FastSpring to Transaction Cloud we have learnt several reasons. Let me highlight some of the key reasons:

1. Checkout Experience

FastSpring has an outdated checkout screen, which is not that old but appears 50 years old. Whereas Transaction Cloud’s checkout screen is more well suited for SaaS and provides a better shopper experience due to its modern, smooth and sleek design.

2. Multiple Wallets

FastSpring only provides one wallet payment method which is PayPal. Whereas Transaction Cloud provides shoppers Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal which provide convenience and assurance to shoppers resulting in 10% higher conversion rate for SaaS companies.

3. Quicker Go to Market

FastSpring provides old legacy webhook integration technology which is 15 years old. Webhook integration has its merits but is cumbersome and time consuming to implement as you have to setup each webhook, account for duplicate webhooks and still webhooks could go missing due to network or server issues.

Transaction Cloud uses its innovative Singularity Integration™ architecture which utilizes its One-Directional-API™ and One-Data-Cloud™. In short, it is without any webhooks which eliminates multiple points of failure and chance of conflicting data. A typical SaaS company can integrate, test and go-live within a week. This saves precious development resources that can rather be utilized by the vendor in developing or updating its own SaaS or digital product.

4. Better cost control

FastSpring charges very high fees to cover its high fixed overhead. Whereas Transaction Cloud has low overhead due to its simple yet robust architecture and automation in all the business processes. Hence, Transaction Cloud is well positioned to share the cost savings with its vendors. Transaction Cloud has the most competitive price for a full revenue stack. Moreover, due to the Transaction Cloud’s Singularity Integration™ architecture the maintenance cost during product upgrades is reduced significantly resulting significantly lower total cost of ownership as compared to FastSpring.

5. Transparency

With FastSpring, it is difficult for SaaS companies to dive deep for understanding their earnings. Moreover, FastSpring is built for selling physical and digital products hence the metrics reported on the dashboard are not insightful for a SaaS company. Whereas Transaction Cloud was specially made for selling SaaS and digital products, hence the dashboard includes key metrics for SaaS and offers actionable insights. Additionally, Transaction Cloud provides SaaS companies the ability to download each transaction, analyze and dive deep into understanding its earnings.