Google Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

With Transaction Cloud, you can now use Google Analytics integration - web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and conversions. Data collected by this tool can be later used in Google Ads as purchase conversion.

Official Google Analytics page


To integrate Google Analytics with your website and Transaction Cloud, follow the official guide to embed the tracking script on your website. We only support the latest GA4 integration; the older Universal Analytics is not supported. Additional steps will be required because payments are processed outside of your domain. This process is referred to as cross-domain measurement. Follow the steps below:

  1. Follow official set up guide from Google. Set up for a website
  2. Create new "Web" data stream providing URL address of your website.
  3. Choose "Add the Google tag directly to your web pages" with "gtag.js". Embed this script on your website following official guide.
  4. Currently, only "gtag.js" script is supported. Tag manager integration will not work.

  5. Copy "MEASUREMENT ID" from newly created data stream and save it in Transaction Cloud panel by clicking "Configure" in Google Analyctis integration. Configure GA4
  6. Configure cross-domain measurement by choosing "Web stream details -> Configure tag settings" inside Google Analytics admin panel.

  7. Next choose "Configure your domains". Click "Show all" if this option is not visible for you.

  8. Here add new configuration entry "Contains" with value "". Remeber to click "Save" to deploy changes.

  9. This step is mandatory because payments are processed outside of your domain. Thanks to this change tracking across your domain and Transaction Cloud domain will be correctly preserved. Read more about "cross-domain measurement" here.

  10. If you're not using widget.js to initiate payments, then additional steps need to be taken on your side. Before redirecting to the payment form, please follow the official manual for the cross-domain method of receiving the current "clientId" and "sessionId". About conversions
  11. [Manual cross-domain] If you're not using widget.js to start payments then extra steps needs to be done on your side. Before redirecting to paymnet form please follow official manual cross-domain way of receiving current "clientId" and "sessionId".

    Then attach them to payment form URL as GET parameters.
    Manual cross-domain