Managing Transactions

In TransactionCloud, there are multiple ways how you manage your transactions.

Management screen for Admins

Vendor Panel

You can manage transactions directly from your Vendor Panel. There, you can find all the necessary tools to review all your transactions, download invoices, issue refunds, or access payload.

vendor panel

Admin Plug-in tool

You can use our Admin Plug-in Tool to grant limited management access to your customer support employees within your own customer support panel. It requires only one API call to obtain a URL for ready-to-embed page inside an iframe.

admin plug in

Management screen for Customers

Your customers can access all their transaction history with invoices and the option to cancel a subscription or update card details with their own Customer Management screen.

user panel

Thanks to this solution you don't have to develop your own management screen.

After each transaction, customers will receive access to it with a transaction confirmation email.

You can also make this screen available in your application using the API call. It will return URL address where you can redirect your customers or display it in the iframe.