All-in-one, full-service solution for compliantly selling and rapidly growing your SaaS business

Transaction Cloud offers an all-in-one solution for global payments, affiliate marketing, sales tax compliance, subscription management with one quick and robust integration.

Global sales made easy

Transaction Cloud’s platform provides all services in one simple, robust, and easy integration. So, there is no need to subscribe to and integrate multiple single feature solutions. Simply speaking, there is no need to build a complicated, expensive, and high maintenance solution with multiple points of failure.

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Payment Processing

Increase conversion rate via the seamless localized checkout page with your custom branding. We provide your buyers with the convenience of a variety of secure payment methods in order to expedite their purchases. Popular payment methods as below are available: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, China Union Pay, Hipercard, Nativa, Argencard, Tarjeta, Elo, Cencosud, Cabal,Naranja, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

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payment processing
sales tax compliance

Sales Tax Compliance

Grow your business, reduce your tax liability, and reduce the cost of tax compliance with our seller/merchant of record model. We ensure full global compliance with sales taxes (VAT, GST, HST, QST, PST) and corporate income taxes making your business cost-efficient and attractive to your customers, employees, and investors.

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Affiliate Marketing

Rapidly scale your business by onboarding, tracking, managing, and paying affiliates automatically without any additional administrative, and accounting costs. Affiliate marketing is a default feature of our platform so there is no need to separately integrate, perform accounting and pay affiliates; it is fully automatic!

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affiliate marketing
subsription management

Subscription Management

Our flexible subscription management system manages buyer's entire life cycle, all the way from activation, to upgrades, renewals, dunning, or refunds. Create your plans, set up localized prices, free trials, and even coupons! Charge customers with recurring & one-time payments, send invoices and personal notifications.

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metered billing

Metered Billing / Vaulted Subscriptions

Metered billing is a pricing model where customers are charged based on their actual usage of a service or resource. Instead of paying a fixed fee, customers are billed according to the quantity or volume of the service they consume. Metered billing offers cost efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, allowing customers to pay only for what they use and encouraging them to optimize their resource allocation.

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Fraud Prevention & Privacy

With the power of AI and real-time fraud detection capability, reduce your direct and indirect costs related to fraud. With our PCI-DSS and GDPR-certified infrastructure, customers’ data is securely transported and stored while providing your customers with the confidence they are looking for while making the purchase.

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fraud prevention
singularity integration


Integrate, test, and go live with our platform within hours using only one developer! Unlike other platforms, there are no multiple services to sign-up, integrate, test, and maintain. Our innovative and robust Singularity-Integration™ architecture saves valuable resources during integration and over the long run. It can also reduce your liability in an unfortunate situation such as a data breach.

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Key Data for Business Growth

Take data-driven decisions based on automatically delivered data such as MRR, LTV, Churn, and MRC. Utilize the global experience of our business analyst team to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to scale your business.

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key data for business growth