Acquire, manage, and extend lifetime value of customers

flexible subscription management

Flexible Subscription Management

  • Subscription management for multiple use-cases including monthly and annual billing.
  • On-demand dynamic pricing for selling highly customizable products.
  • Handle upgrades and downgrades at any time in the billing cycle.
  • Automatic conversion of price based on prevailing Fx rates.
  • Free trials and ability to extend billing of next charge for both trials and purchases.

Customer Notifications

  • Automated notifications of subscription sign-up, charge, re-charge, refunds, and cancellations to customers.
  • Automated invoice and credit memo creation based on country specific regulations.
  • Automatic invoice retention as per country specific law.
customer notifications
accounts maintenance and coupons

Account maintenance & Coupons

  • Built-in secure account maintenance panel for customers and vendors.
  • Product specific or site-wide coupons to attract new customers or motivate existing customers to upgrade.

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