Why us

Why choose Transaction Cloud

Payment Interface

High Conversion due to Broader Range of Payment Methods

  • The only platform which accepts 20 different card types.
  • Accepts all major wallet payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • Modern, sleek interface, optimized for high conversions!
payment interface
no code affiliate management

Affiliate marketing management

No Code Affiliate Management & Payouts

  • Only payment platfrom with affiliate marketing management.
  • Accurate tracking and fraud prevention in affiliate’s comission based on sales, refunds, chargebacks.
  • Automatic monthly payouts to affiliates.
  • You don’t develop income tax nexus in various tax jurisdictions.
  • Absolutely no-coding required for managing and tracking affiliates.


Transparent and Most Attractive Pricing

  • Other platforms start at low basic fees, but there are additional fees for everything such as international cards, currency conversion, additional card types, 3DS verification, account updater, adaptive acceptance, billing, invoicing, sales tax calculation.
  • Transaction Cloud has one simple price that covers the entire platform.
  • There are no surprises nor hidden fees.
attractive pricing
eliminate sales tax liability

Full service sales tax compliance

Eliminate Your Sales Tax Liability

  • With our merchant of record business model we are directly responsible for sales taxes in various jurisdictions.
  • You don’t have to worry about changing tax rates, hedging collected foreign taxes against Fx volatility.
  • Some competitive platforms offer tax calculation for a fee, but they don’t take responsibility for registration, tax filing, remittance and answering queries from tax authorities.
  • With Transaction Cloud, you don’t have to register, calculate, file, remit and respond to queries from various tax jurisdictions.
  • With Transaction Cloud you instantly develop credibility in front of customers and investors.

Easiest integration

One Integration for All Features

  • One quick and robust integration that enables all features.
  • Easy to understand API documentation.
  • You can integrate and start accepting payments within minutes.
  • You can start accepting and tracking affiliates within minutes.
  • You can setup an advanced integration for any use case within few hours.
  • Custom features easily added if you have a unique use case.
one integration for all features

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